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Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer IS HERE!

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IT'S HERE! San Diego Comic-Con blessed our lives this weekend with the much anticipated debut of the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald trailer. And I have got to say that they jam-packed those 3 minutes! (If you call yourself a Harry Potter fan and have not watched this yet, stop what you are doing and GO WATCH IT!) As a fan(atic) of the Wizarding World and all things Harry Potter (Cursed Child notwithstanding, don't @ me), this trailer was everything I could hope for, especially after being underwhelmed by the first Fantastic Beasts. So for my first blog here, lets make like Queenie and get into my mind a bit.

Shall we?

The trailer opens by invoking our emotions with the haunting tones of the beloved Hedwig's theme. Hogwarts forms in the distance as we travel over the rolling hills of Scotland, dropping us back into our favorite classroom, DADA. This scene reminds me almost exactly of the boggart scene in Prisoner of Azkaban and I'm not upset about that, the third movie being my favorite. Lets break it down a bit more with some of my biggest thoughts!

1. Newt's fear being an office desk is so relatable. His reserved attitude we saw in Fantastic Beasts is met with a fierce thirst for adventure and love of all living creatures. This right here tells me why Dumbledore chose him. He knows Newt is good, and Dumbledore has always wrestled with the definition of what is good. Finally he has found someone who can help in getting to the greater good, too. Not in the Deathly Hallows way that we were introduced to in the 7th book. But this time period that we are seeing Dumbledore in, he is closer to that attraction of power that the Hallows had over him than when we were introduced to him in books 1-6.

2. In cannon, we as fans know Dumbledore is a transfiguration teacher. I have to say I am very excited to see him teach DADA. I can't help but feel like that should have been his true career path. Will we see any turmoil over the class? We have to remember that this is before Voldemort wanted the position (probably before he was born) and Hogwarts could keep a teacher for longer than a year.

3. That logo! Having a marketing background, I understand the importance of branding. This is taking place before the Harry Potter series, before James and Lily, before even Voldemort! Creating a logo that can be identified for the whole Wizarding World with wands we recognize and the flair of the book, it brings us back to the origins where we so humbly began.

4. Who is in the bowler hat? At first I thought it was Creedence, but I don't think it is!

5. Deluminator! Easily my favorite 'gadget' in the Wizarding World. 


6. Those cat's! Those eyes! I'm very happy that there are still so many things in the wizarding world that we have yet to experience.

7. DUMBLEDORE SAW GRINDLEWALD IN THE MIRROR OF ERISED! After reading the 7th book, we've theorized that Dumbledore most likely saw Arianna when he told Harry he saw socks, but what if this whole time we were just WRONG!?! Jo, you better have an answer for us!!! I am questioning everything now!

8. Thestrals?!


10. Nicolas Flamel is NOT what I expected and I am so happy that Jacob is back! I absolutely loved what he brought to the screen.

11. Is it November 16th yet? 117 days and counting....

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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