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GT4 lightsabers series - Geeks-ter

GT4 lightsabers series

$249.95 $419.95

                       Geeks-ter 4th line up of lightsaber exclusives 

  • GT4 saber series Led Light: High grade LED. With three levels of brightness. And Six Light Efficiency Modes
  • The blade is made of high-impact PC. And it is removable and changeable.1-inch OD. And 1.6 mm pipe wall thickness. Higher Strength than Base Edition.
  • FX Saber Sound: GT Standard series sabers have 5 sound fonts and mute mode. There are three volume settings, low, medium and high/MUTE
  • FOC: Flash on Clash. Sound and light effect feedback when dueling and when the blade hits an object.
  • Aluminum Hilt: suitable, Delicate and beautiful Hilt. It's heavier than the base version. Dueling More Suitable for Adults.

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