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My hero Academia gym uniform - Geeks-ter

My hero Academia gym uniform

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U.A. High School is the #1 ranked Hero Academy in Japan for its hero program. Students must wear there U.A. school uniforms. Prior to designing their hero costumes, students wear the U.A. tracksuit for physical activities such as sports, gym class, and hero training. During other classes, students wear standard U.A. school uniforms.

The uniforms are the perfect way to do a Boku no Hero Academia cosplay. They also make it easy to do a whole group costume with your friends.

It features the letters “U” and “A” on the high-collared, short sleeve top. The top also comes with a zipper front and white and red trim on the sleeves.

The track pants are really simple, and yes pockets too. They are also blue with white stripes down the front.

These are unisex so they work for both men and women cosplayers.

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